Wednesday, August 26, 2015

3/1 Im In Japan and I'm Cold

Helllo Everyone! How`s life?! 
Guess what!?! I`m in Toyama Japan! It`s the furthest North east zone of the mission...and it`s freezing...I just threw out all my thermals so I would be under weight when I flew to Japan haha so Karama hit me. It was kinda funny when the AP`s were showing us a slide show of our mission, one of the pictures was just walls of snow, and I said I hoped I wouldn`t go there...and guess where I got sent? Haha
It`s been raining/snowing pretty much since I got here. Although they already had their two big snow storms earlier this year, so they said it just gets nicer from here. Apparently it`s the warmest it`s been here at this time for years haha so count your blessings I guess haha

My Companions name is Elder Frost. He`s a 6 ft 3" foot ball player for the air force academy.  Both of us are pretty much twice the size of most nihonjin...haha 
Our apartments pretty big for Japan, but neither of us fit through the door, I`ve hit my head so many times already I lost count...haha
We have quite a few investigators! But they`re all work-aholics and never have time to meet, so that kinda stinks. I still haven`t really taught a lesson yet. We`ve been doing alot of finding since I got here, tracting, and talking to people on the street. It`s been fun :) I one really wants to talk to us... and we have yet to get an investigator from it. But It`s still fun to talk to people :D Tracting is kinda annoying because most people don`t open the door, they have little intercoms that you have to talk through, which are kinda weird. Today we`re going through the area book and calling old investigators so that`ll be fun, hopefully we can find someone to teach. 
We wasted alot of time last week trying to get me a bike, that was kinda frustrating, they actually had a few that were big enough, but they were always like $550, which is too expensive for me. But after a few days of bike shopping, we got a old broken bike that a missionary left 2 transfers ago, I replaced the wheel today, and I can`t use all the gears...but besides that it`s good! I`m only going to use it for this transfer, then I`ll just take my trainer`s bike. He`s taken really good care of his, and it`s huge. So that`ll be good. 

Some other news*
-Eikiwa (English class)...Is super fun! We had more people there than in months apparently, it was great, had the whole room filled! I introduced myself in English and they asked my questions for the first 15 minutes then we played english games. Then at the end they had me beatbox and the other missionaries rap haha it was awesome :D We have two sisters in our area working with us. They`re both super cool, and one`s a nihonjin so that`s fun. 

-One thing I learned this week after a few hours of practically fruitless OYMing (that stands for Open Your Mouth btw....pretty  much street contacting) was that smoking people are great to talk to! We we`re getting a little discouraged as to how little success we were having that day, so we said another prayer and asked to find someone who would at least be willing to listen to our message within the next 20 minutes. Then we turn around and see a guy smoking behind us, with more tattoos and peircings then he has skin. So we were just kinda like..."well he definitely needs the gospel" so we talked to him for a good 20 minutes. He's a super sweet dude and he's going to do our 30 30 program where we teach him English for 30 minutes and then we practice Japanese for 30 minutes...sharing the gospel. It`s pretty fun.

-Dollar stores in Japan are the coolest. 

-We had to give away two Brazillian families to other Portuguese speaking Elders..:( Some day I`ll be those Portuguese speaking elders and take everyone elses investigators haha

-It`s against the Law to do missionary work on trains....which really sucks..and I have had a hard time time following that law...

-It`s also against mission rules to talk to girls. Which REALLY stinks because they`re the only ones that want to talk! I went my first day without knowing either of those rules and I passed out like three pamphlets and a few English class cards to girls on the train haha. Then my trainer told me it wasn`t allowed haha Japanese girls are way nice. I don`t always follow this rule either. I asked the prez today about it, we`ll see what he says.

-I ate the infamous Nato yesterday at a sushi bar! It wasn`t as bad as it looks, or as bad as it smells, but it wasn`t good haha

-We have two colleges in our area and alot of foreigners, half of our investigators aren`t Japanese. We even teach a few of them in English!

-Our ward is awesome, they love missionaries and are totally on board with whatever we need. , They all try and impress me with their english too which is really funny. So usually they speak English to me and I speak Japanese to them haha.
 Oh and my Japanese isn`t actually as bad as I thought it was! So that`s cool. apparently my district was just geniuses and no one usually learns as much as we did in the MTC haha So I felt really stupid in the MTC because no matter how hard I studied I didn`t know half as much as my district. But now coming out here all the missionaries I meet and all the members are amazed that I actually understand them haha and can usually make up some sort of a reply. So that`s cool. 

So I didn`t know we were going to go email right now, so I didn`t grab my camera, and I didn`t really take any pictures anyways...but I`ll send you pictures next week! Japan is beautiful!

Anyways I love you all! Sorry if this email was too long...but I mean I`m in Japan so whatever!


Coleman Choro

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