Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mission Impossible! Japanese Style: 12/24 MTC


The MTC is great! The spirit is great! Food is great! but super processed, and it does kinda weird stuff to you, this'll be a long 10 weeks haha.

My MTC time got extended! We're here an extra week because they skipped a transfer for Christmas and New years week. So I'm heading out Feb. 23rd, that's why it's 10 instead of 9 weeks.

Japanese is coming along well! Mostly.. Every elder in my district studied before hand in school, but I am the furthest along, because sensai is such a great teacher :D Well at least I was the companion took 3 years, and he has a photographic memory, and he learn pretty much every word he now he has a way larger gospel vocabulary then me, I'm kinda super jealous, because I have an awful memory, and have to write down everything in lessons. All the Japanese I took in high school came back within the first two days, but the new stuff isn't sticking too well.

We've been teaching investigators in Japanese since the second day here! And it's awesome! It was pretty funny, because the sensai pretending to be an investigator didn't expect us to actually know or understand Japanese, so when he said the prayer, he prayed for us to be helped learning Japanese, and to feel the spirit while we're at the MTC and stuff haha and we totally understood everything haha. Lessons are so cool though, we've taught everything from the atonement to the Christmas story haha. I'm so lucky I have a good companion, we both really want to learn and work, and so we SYL (speak your language) all the time to each other, and have learned a ton that way! I just wish I had a better memory! I learn a ton one day, and then it's all gone the next day!

Speaking of which, my companion is named Elder Pennington, he's from Tennessee and he's awesome. He was home schooled, but his dad taught him Japanese as a language credit. We get along subadashi (wonderful). I know it's only been a week, but I keep accidentally typing Japanese words thinking they're English haha. It's kinda awesome...but kinda not haha 

Good news! One of the girls is from Hawaii, and she said elders who went to anywhere in Asia or the Pacific get half off tuition at BYU Hawaii! So that's awesome :D I'm so excited, that's definitely the school of my choice if I get into all of them :D

So I'm doing pretty well here...except for falling asleep in class all the time...I came to the MTC with 2 hours of sleep, and haven't really gotten to catch up on it too much. I sort of have, if you follow all the rules, you should be in bed a full 8 hours, which I do..But I have pretty restless sleep.. So I end up falling asleep in meetings and classes that don't let me talk or move for more than half an hour...which is alot of them haha. I haven't made it a full day without falling asleep in at least one class. That's my big trial right now haha. It's super hard, I try so hard to stay awake, and when my comp. realizes I'm falling asleep he'll kick me to wake me up...but most of the time no one realizes. I've mastered the look like your praying look, from practicing so much at EAC and now I do it on accident all the time haha. 

I'm calling home tomorrow! Not skyping, so don't expect me to call on skype, just with the phone. I think it's around 4:30, don't realy know. 

Kaylee should send me my hobo gloves, because I left them at home, you should also include some Kleenex haha.
I got my allergy meds, thanks for that! I've been feeling kinda sickish, and I'm not sleeping well at all, mostly because I'm cold and the blanket they gave me isn't big enough to cover me haha. I'm going to start wearing lots of clothes to bed haha. Oh and if you have free time and feel like searching stuff on the internet for me...I'd love it if you sent some sheet music in Japanese over to me! I want to sing in church, and they want it in Japanese, there are two guys in  my district that sing, and they're both tenors, so if it could be a duet, or a trio that'd be great :D

My watch shattered even more...I cracked all the glass out and have been using it this week without any glass, it stopped working today I'll have to get another one of those sometime.

I sent an email with lots of least I think I did haha. If not, I'll send them next week, I could just email them from my fancy Camera, but I feel like that's cheating/breaking the rules a little bit. So I won't. Oh and can you forward this on to everyone? Can you take out the stuff about my medicine, and anything else kinda weird and forward it to everyone? Oh and is everything in my missionary kit consumable? Because they taste pretty bad...but I've been using it to get rid of a cold/sore throat. And can you send me Sister Romney's email address? I've been taking creeper pictures of her daughter every once and a while and can't send them to her now, since I forgot to bring her email address. 

That's all I've got time for! Talk to you tomorrow! 


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