Friday, August 28, 2015

5/24 長かった

This week...felt like an eternity haha. It was solo long. But it was
packed with good stuff so it's all good :D
We saw some nice miracles this week, God takes care of us pretty dang well. :D
One pretty awesome miracle was...we got 3 referrals! We didn't get a
sing referral last transfer, and this area hadn't got any two
transfers before that as well...but we got 3 from different people
just this week! It's been difficult finding people to teach recently,
our teaching pool is shrinking instead of growing, so I'd been praying
why we weren't finding people and got the answer A) I need to make
sure I focus hard on the people we are teaching, and then God will
provide a way for us to find people, then B) I felt prompted to pray
that God could lead people to us, and set up a way for us to help the
pele he wants us to help.
So that was a pretty cool experience.
Some other cool stuff that happened this week:
-I beat boxed battled a high school kid on the train, he was way good!
Everyone on the train clapped forums when we finished haha.
-Our Oreo ball bribes worked and our investigator is progressing again! Haha
-I gave a talk in relief society about how awesome Mom is haha
-We went to a Young Single Adult Activity, and ate okonomiyaki! Osaka
style and Hiroshima style
-None of our investigators came to church! First time we haven't had
anyone there :(
-Hardcastle's bike broke down..that was an adventure haha. We biked 5
miles to find a less active members house and his tire popped, so we
had to walk to the nearest Erion And buy a patch repair kit and a pump
to fix it. Then his other tire popped two days later, from his tire
spokes being too bent and the tire rubbing against the brakes now his bike is in the shop and he's riding a mamachari
which is a granny road bike haha. It's funny because he takes really
good care of his bike, and bought a pretty expensive nice bike to
start with...and he has all these bike problems...and I found my bike
at an eki that was left by a sister missionary who went home a long
time ago haha, and I haven't had any problems with my bike yet. Well
that's not true, my brakes pretty much burnt out by the second week
here. This places is pretty much a giant mountain haha. All hills.
This place kills bikes, we have a bunch of dead bikes at the apartment
from missionaries haha. I've been using my feet as brakes the whole
last transfer, and finally replaced my brakes last week when we took
his bike to the shop. We never had time to go before just to replace
my brakes, but since we were forced to go, I finally got them changed
One last thing...any one have any good easy recipes? We've been
working with this less active family, and their daughter has become an
investigator, and their grandson is crazy genki, he's always running
around and likes to fight, he's 4 or 5 I think. Anyways we did a
family home evening with them last week and committed them all to
family prayer, then we told the kid that if helped his family to pray
everyday and marked that they prayed each day on the calendar, I'd
bring them a treat the next week. So they did it, they prayed! And I
gave them Oreo balls! And so this weeks lesson we made a coloring book
thing with scriptures, where when they read the verse, they color in
that part of the picture. And I told them I'd bring him another better
treat this week if they finished the picture before next week.
But...when I told hold them I'd bring a treat I was planning on
playing giant bubbles with he kid. But...the Japanese dish soap
doesn't make giant bubbles well! So in need to come up with some thing if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears!
Thanks for writing me people! It's fun to be loved!

Coleman choro

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