Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mission Impossible Japanese Style! 1/29 MTC

Hello! So this has been probably my favorite week of the MTC, or maybe of my life haha I'm on a spiritual high right now and it's fantastic :D

Quick news: 
Broke the pull up record officially with 35.
Became Zone Leader :)
Found out we're getting Ipads in March
I'm learning Portuguese!
One of our districts is leaving on Monday :( But that means we get all the stuff they can't fit, so early Christmas! Haha
And...God has pretty much directed every part of my week this week and it's been fantastic :D

So let me tell you WHY this week has been so great :D Last Sunday I had the opportunity to teach about recognizing the spirit, and when I was preparing it I realized that there was alot of things that I could be doing better to make my MTC stay much more effective.
 Like for example I'm using my "prayer journal" again, except a little differently now, and it's made a world of difference. I say a good prayer in the morning, and I write down the things I prayed for. And I always include "help me to learn what I need to learn, in order to be the most effective missionary" or help me and the people teaching me, to learn whatever it is I need to learn to be able to touch the most lives,  And to help me recognize the promptings of the spirit. So anyways I write down all the things I asked for in blue, and I leave a space on the page, then at the end of the day I go over how God had answered my prayer, and how he had guided my learning...and boy have I gotten some great insights this week :D So I'm sorry if this email ends up just being about churchy stuff..but I am on a mission..that's kinda all we do haha.

There's LOADS of things I feel like I've been prompted to do, and practices/habbits I should start to help in the field in the future. 
One was I need to take some time and write a letter to God thanking him for my companion. For how much the companion fits me, and helps me grow, and is a perfect match for me at this time. When I write it, I get more insights as to why God wants me with my companion, and then I can go back and read it whenever I'm struggling to have patience with him. This companion is pretty great so I probably won't have to read it much, but I feel like this could help alot in the future.

I Learned SO MUCH about the Atonement. MAN it's my favorite topic! I was pondering why it says in the scriptures "preach nothing but repentance" all over the place, and other things like it.
When it feels like there's so many other good things we need to talk about. Annnd I've realized that in order to be truely converted you need to experience the atonement's redeeming power. And that all of our commitments I give investigators need to give them a chance to experience that power. All the good converts of the church, in the scriptures had great experiences with the atonement. Like the Anti-Nephi Lehi's, Paul/Saul or Ammon and the sons of Mosia etc. It doesn't mean we have to be vile sinners in order to feel the Atonement'd saving power, we're all vile sinners in our own way. The atonement is "The root of all Christian Doctrine" The mission purpose "To invite others..." is all about using the atonement. Elder Nelson said when he came "True repentance is full conversion." When we truely repent, and realize what extent Jesus did to save us, it because easy to follow him and his commandment, it becomes easy to always remember Him. "The root of all Christian Doctrine" is a good talk if you want to look it up. Anyways I've had lots of insights about that this week. And I feel really blessed to have all these insights now, before I'm teaching real investigators. It changes how I teach, and changes how I pray.

Oh haha another one I got is....Portuguese! Haha you're all probably pretty confused on that one. But when I ponder during personal study time, what I need to learn to teach effectively...I always end up thinking how much I wanted to learn Portuguese! I mean it's like the most useful language ever...I could learn Spanish and French and Italian super easily if I knew Portuguese! And could travel most the world! 
Haha that was my reason for wanting to learn before the I feel like I've been led to want to learn Portuguese to bless people in my mission. After I realized the desire, I prayed for help learning it. And...I found all the Portuguese learning books just while walking around! I have a Portuguese PMG, missionary learning book, all the pamphlets, the grammar/verb card, the grammar learning book...the whole shibang! There's also two Portuguese speaking sisters in our zone that want to help me learn. They're actually called to Japan Portuguese speaking haha One of them made me a set of flash cards :D Anyways all this stuff just kinda appeared after I started looking. And I just found out that alot of missionaries that go to Nagoya end up learning some Portuguese, because there are lots of factories there and LOADS of Brazilian immigrants. I learned that after I had already learned I wanted to learn Portuguese. haha  So that's exciting! I'm going to come back tri-lingual! :D Which has always been a desire of mine :D Of course, I'm learning Japanese first, but I figure after 4 or 5 months of Japanese, I might start cracking into my Portuguese books :D So we'll see how that goes. conclusion. When I completely gave my life over to God. To let him be the teacher and the planner, and the speaking, my life got waaay better. Everything just kinda works out how it's supposed to when I take the time to find out what exactly I'm supposed to doing. It's something I've known for a long time, but haven't applied it as much as I should have.

Oh! And for a proverb or two :D

頭の上は得覆え Which is pronounced atama no ue no hae o oe. It means "And why behold-est thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but consider-est not the beam that is in thine own eye (literally...swat the fly on your own head). haha

Alright here's another more serious one.
ならぬ姦淫する画家人 naranu kannin suru ga kan-nin. Which is patience is found in bearing the unbearable. 

So my teacher and my companion make fun of me, and pretty much won't let me even talk about learning Portuguese haha. Guess I'm learning patience.

Anyways thanks for the prayers! They really help!

Elder Coleman 

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