Friday, August 28, 2015


This was beautiful. Beautiful in everyway. I loved it :D
I think I might just break it down day by day so I don't lose track.
Monday: p-day's are usually the most stressful. Because there's so much to get done in such little time! But this P-day was just beautiful. We had a plan to teach HIrai, and Sawada our two grandpa's together since they because friends. But Sawada forgot the time of the appointment and came at 6 instead of 4. So we taught them separate. Hirai needed some coaching though so it was a blessing. When he came to the church I noticed a coffee can in his car, and took and pocketed it. We taught the lesson, and at the end I took out the coffee and asked him what it was. It was pretty hilarious. Hirai, is really slow...he apparently didn't realize de-caffè was still coffee. We took a video of him dumping it in the gutter haha then we went to a convienient store and quizzed him on what drinks were ok, and which ones weren't.

Look for the missed fist bump, it's so bad. I love Hirai, he acts like a black person, it's awesome :D we decided to move his Baptismal date to the 30th so we could review everything again for some better understanding. We also, fixed my bike, called lots of people, played bubbles and sword fought with 2 year old, practiced sining, and got tortillas, salsa and Costco muffins from Erik!

This little girl is so dang cute, we're sword fighting with my bubble wand bamboo sticks.

Tuesday: We pretty much did Less active work all day, we got to visit with 5 less active members! One of them nishizawa. Is now reading the BOM in English and Japanese, and praying daily again. It's so cool to be able to see people progress closer to God. Then at night we taught in Vietnamese! Really we just pretty much used google translate to communicate haha. It's way fun though. Vietnamese guys are super nice. 

Kinda blurry picture, but this is Thaath (pronounced tie) and Bac. They're cool. We taught them on Tuesday and Saturday. 
Wednesday: We went to lunch with some cool members the 市川家族. We arrived a little early and ran into a guy we had met yesterday on the train! Tui! He's Vietnamese, and super suteki (good looking) we had actually gotten an appointment with him on the 23rd for him to come to church, but we decided he probably wouldn't come since he doesn't speak Japanese very well. So we didn't count him as a new investigator. But then since we happened to run into him again the next day, we figured it was probably God trying to tell us we should help/teach him, and count him as an investigator.
We also taught Mori-mura, and Hirai and Sawada again. We teach them Mon, Wed, Friday now.
We just did a review of prayer so Hirai will stop reading his notes while he prays haha. The board says, prayer, thanks, questions, and things to ask for, then we listed different things from the scriptures and from their ideas. It was fun. 
Thursday: All our appointments actually fell through on Thursday, haha but it ended up being a beautiful day! We did weekly planning, then decided to call Bruno to see if he wanted to go to Homie Danchi with us. Homie Danchi is a place famous in the mission. It's just a mini Brazil in Japan. A couple thousand Brazilians all in one spot :D We had never dendoed there before, since there was a brazilian missionary here. But he transferred out, so now Brazilians are all game! It started to rain, and Bruno asked if his Brother Erik could come so he could drive. We went there and split up, me with Erik, and Hadteiter with Bruno. We visited 5 less actives, only two were actually home though. I had a prompting to knock on the door next to one of the less actives I visited. And...we found a Soccoro! She was super nice, she's catholic and goes to church every week, has a family of 4 and was planning on moving this Saturday! She said we can teach her, but she wants her whole family to be there for it, so we set up an appointment in two weeks, we also told her we'd stop by to help her move Saturday morning. 
Then on the way back we met a nice girl named Thais in the elevator. It was kinda awkward, she didn't have a ton of clothes on... so I was just looking at the wall, but she started talking to us, and asked if she could come to church. Erik switched FBs with her, she's should be coming this next Sunday. We'll just have to bring an extra button up shirt for her so I can actually look at her haha.
After homie we still had time, so we went on a road trip! There's a road that goes way up north with a bunch of less actives on it, ending with the Bishop. It takes a full day to bike up and back since it's so far, which was actually our original plan for the day since we had no plans. So we made it all the way up to bishop! Such a beautiful day :D I love it when plans cancel haha

Friday: Another beautifully guided day. Our only appointment that day was teaching Hirai and Sawada again with Aatsumi shimai as a member present lesson. We called her and asked if we could visit Mori-mura, another investigator, at his shop before Hirai's lesson. On the way there a crazy Japanese guy in a pink shirt with a British accent stopped me and started telling me how I need to go home and kick Oboma out of the presidents seat haha. He was way weird. But it turns out he had studied Mormonism before, and he wants to study again, and he brought us in to a shop we were standing outside of and told us to teach on of the workers there haha. It was way random. We're meeting them again this week. It was way funny because Atsumi shimai and Misuzu shimai went to temple square on their missions and were telling us about how weird Americans are and how everyone is normal in Japan....Then we had this guy stop us and prove our point that Japanese are stranger. Haha
Saturday: we helped Soccoro move! She introduced us to a bunch of her friends, and we're going to teach them all together next week haha Portuguese! Then we had a BBQ with two of our other Brazilian investigators, Fabricio, and Leonora. It was a party :D Now that they're friends it'll be easier for them to want to come to church.

Sunday: Sunday we had Shokujikai! A meal meeting! At night we visited Leonora again, Eriks mom. We showed her the "reclaimed" Mormon message and talked about forgiveness and how it makes us happier. Her ex-husband cheated on her, and she still has a hard time forgiving him, we  had a way good talk. She's going to come to church when we sing. It was actually way fun. A lot of their family came over a different times while we were there. We are teaching a lot of their family. Angel, their cousin, Nilda their aunt, Leonora, the mom, Kaho, the daughters best friend. This family is so Golden.
Then when we were leaving my lock got caught in my wheel, so I had to stop and fix it, then a couple of women stopped and gave me a light so I could see what I was doing. They were Peruvians but they've been here forever so they speak Japanese pretty well. 3 daughters and a mom. When they found out I was a missionary they were way happy. We're going to teach their family this Tuesday. 

Pretty much everyday we didn't follow our written plan...but we were able to follow God's plan somehow, and it has made everything amazing. He helps us if we will allow him. Just have to get out of the way and let him work :D

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