Friday, August 28, 2015

4/13 Toyota Land of the Cars


So Random story of the day, we visited a less active earlier this morning to bring her chocolate filled pancakes, and while we were waiting outside I watch this old dude walk down the street to his neighbors house, pee in this guys front yard and then walk back home. Weird. I guess it`s more rude to chew in public than it is to pee in Public in Japan. Good to know ;D

Sorry you all probably could have survived without knowing that culture point...

Anyways I`m in TOYOTA! Woo Hoo! My Companion is Hardcastle Choro! He`s way fun! He`s also in the airforce acadamy, which is weird, there`s only three elders in the acadamy, and two of them are training me, and the third replaced me in Toyama. Hardcastle is a really young trainer, he`s only been out 6 months, and he`s never left Toyota, this is his bean area. And he doesn`t know how to cook anything...but sandwitches, which is what he eats for every meal. Good thing I learned how took last transfer :D He`s got a way good work ethic, he ran cross country and track in high school, and he works out hard everyday, so hopefully I`ll get in shape. He wakes up at 5:30 everyday to do an extra hour of language study, which I figure probably wouldn`t hurt, so I`m doing it to now.

Toyota area itself is beautiful. All of Japan is pretty awesome :D The ward here is totally insane. Like absolutely crazy. A lady two months ago called the whole ward to repentance from the pulpit for fifteen minutes...then last fast Sunday a guy professed his love for the organist from the pulpit...But apparently it`s improving alot right now. The ward used to hate missionaries, and now they like us, so that`s good.

It`s rained everyday since I`ve gotten here, I decided today that I love the rain. Because if I didn`t it`d be way hard for me to love my mission. So now. I love the rain. At least that`s what I tell myself. Hopefully it`ll be true someday.

Conference was way good. I only got to listen to saturday in English. Sunday we went on splits to fellowship our investigators. I didn`t really get anything out of it...Formal Japanese is rough. We get Ipads soon though, so I`ll re-watch them then.

Soo we didn`t get to do too much dendo this week. Alot of it was Hardcastle showing the other two missionaries and me around, since they white washed this area. But we did have some miracles! My first day here we had a lesson at night, but we got there 20 min early, so I asked if we could go tracting in the mean time...He said ok, and we started knocking doors. The very first door we knock...the peopledidn`t answer...BUT their door was unlocked and something cool I learned from my last companion was that apparently the Genkan, the first part of the house where you put your shoes, isn`t considered part of the house in Japanese culture, so you can open the door and go in to that part and it`s not rude. He calls it Gomen Kudasai-ing since that`s what you yell when you walk in the person`s house. Anyways I open their door and yell Gomen kudasai and step into their house, and my new companion about has a hart attack. But a guy came to the door, and talked to me, he was way nice, it turns out he had investigated the church in Kobe, he`s came to church before, read the whole book of mormon, and wants to meet with us. So we got his number, he and his wife said they`d try and come to conference (which they ended up not being able to), and we got two new investigators! Fun stuff!

Anyways Hope everyone Enjoyed conference! The prophet is awesome! The church is true! Go do member missionary work!

Coleman choro

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