Friday, August 28, 2015

8/9 Week of tears and trials :')

Hello errybody :)

This week, not gonna lie, was incredibly stressful. But it's all good,
cause God's in control :D
Lots of lessons fell through, some scary stuff happened, I got really
angry at a ward member, and then transfer calls. But all in all a good
week. I'm staying in Toyota! Woo hoo! I've got another 6 weeks to try
and work some miracles here.

Some interesting points of the week:
We've been teaching a Catholic lady named Justine who lives across the
street from the church. She is crazy. Her lessons are always insane,
and super long, she has SO Many questions. It's really hard to teach
her, because she'll ask a question, and then we'll start answering but
half way through she'll ask another question, or she'll just cut us
off and talk about the saints haha. It's been a nice trial of my
patience, I did pretty good the first few lessons. In the past three
weeks we taught her, first a 1 hr lesson, then a 3 hr lesson, then a 4
hr lesson, and then to say goodbye another 2 hr lesson. The last one
we didn't have time to get to a lot of her questions before we had to
leave so we went to our friend Erik's house, and wrote down all her
questions and found answers to them from the bible. Erik is injured
right now and so he just spends his days studying the scriptures. The
next day he spent 10 hours writing a paper with all the answers to her
questions so we could give it to her before she left. By the end she
has committed to read the BOM and find out if our message really is
true. She feels like she was meant to come to Japan to meet us and
learn, i feel like she will be baptized in America sometime, it was
just a heck of an experience getting her to this point. We usually
never like to teach someone more than 45min to an hour, but she was
leaving soon and it's super hard to get out. The last lesson I snapped
a little when she started talking about how faith is built off
miracles, and feelings/the spirit is unable to be trusted.
^that was obnoxious, and pretty stressful.

Actually now that I look back on the week it was really cool. Everyday
there was something that for me was really hard. Really pushed my
buttons. And about half the time I had control and passed the test,
and half the time I snapped and got angry/just didn't handle it as
Christ would have. But this week also had lots of amazing things
happen. Every time something bad happened, something good came of it
by the end. I just need to trust God more and not worry as much.

Some cool things that happened.
Sawada forgot the time and day of his appointment, and came to church
during Hirai's lesson. So we taught them together, and they became
good friends! Now they want to be baptized on the same date and we
teach them together form now on. It's amazing because Hirai has
problems understanding, he barely understands anything...but he never
asks questions when he doesn't understand. Sawada is opposite. He is a
pretty slow learner as well, but he always tells us when he doesn't
understand and repeats things back to us when he does understand. So
he is helping Hirai to progress much better. That was a pretty cool

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