Friday, August 28, 2015

6/1 Hellllooo!

Heya sports fans!
How're y'all doing?!

This week's been good. Me and Hardcastle are in our groove :D we got a
good teaching pattern, down, and he wants to work a lot more now that
he's district leader, and wants to be obedient! Haha it's been way
fun. We've already seen tons of miracles!

So... Pretty much we just decided to challenge all of our
investigators to baptism haha. 2 said yes, one said no, and one said
probably haha. They were all phenomenal lessons though, we felt the
spirit directing the lesson and testifying of everything we said so
strongly. It was amazing. The first one we taught was to a Brazilian,
we taught it in English, we did the lesson almost the same way as
German from the district. Haha in case there's any RM's reading this.
With the Follow thou me scripture from 2 Nephi 31. He's actually the
only one who didn't except invitation, we've only taught him a few
lessons though, he didn't want to commit to something he didn't know a
whole lot about, he really likes us though and he said he knows we
have something special, and wants to have the happiness we have. He's
awesome. The two that accepted are Rae shimai and Tsutsuki shimai.
Both of them aren't for another few months though. Rae shimai is the
half Chinese investigator we have, we got our hair cut by her parents
this morning actually. Chinese people feed you so well :D anyways her
mom is recently reactivated and her dad is almost reactivated, he just
can't get work off on Sunday's, and she wants to be baptized..but her
mom is leaving to China this week, so we have to wait until she gets
back in 3 months to have the baptism. So I probably won't be here for
it, and Hardcastle definitely won't be here.
Then there's Tsutsuki. She can't come to church because her daughter
has basketball games/tournaments every Sunday until August, so her
baptismal date isn't until then either. She's way cool though.
The last one was Keiko, we housed into her a few weeks ago, and had
the best first lesson either of us have ever had on our missions. She
has a super genki, hyper 1 1/2 year old son, and a slightly Autistic
12 year old son, although you can't tell at all. We barely found out
last time we visited her. She had a concern about how God could let
her son be he way he is, I guess he doesn't have many friends since
he's a little slow. And so we taught about how this life is a test,
and through trials we become stronger. The little kid interrupted us
after we gave the baptismal commitment and we never could bring it
back, so we'll probably re-invite her next time. She's way good, the
gospel could help her so much!
There's a sad amount of single mothers here in Japan. I heard that a
lot of women start saving for when their husbands leave them when hey
get married...which is way sad. All three of these women are single
mothers who's husbands left. That's why they are humble enough to
listen to the gospel.
Our other single mother investigator Fujikawa is progressing well too,
we'll probably invite her as well in a week or so. Her kid loves me,
we gave them Oreo balls, and I usually make some sort of origami
something to entertain/play with him while HardCastle talks to the
mom. I learned how to make origami samurai hats, shirt and tie, ninja
stars, flapping birds, and cranes haha gotta keep them kids happy :D
Oh and thank you for sending me recipe's family! I found out that you
can use a rice cooker to make cakes! So I ended up buying cake mix and
making a cake in the rice cooker and then I melted some chocolate and
spread it on top. It looked pretty good, but we didn't try it...but
the family wants the nonexistent recipe! Haha so it couldn't have been
too bad haha.

This week has just been full of tons of daily small miracles. And
food, lots of that too. We ran out of money on Wednesday, because of
all the trains we've had to pay for recently, so we just prayed that
got would give us food....and everyone gave us food! Haha. Like we
visited 7 less actives last week (which in itself is a miracle,
usually people aren't home or we can't find them), and they all gave
us food haha, except one, she gave us $10, which I used to buy the
cake mix haha. We also had 4 member appointments...with food!
Haha one of the less active ladies we visited, she's kinda crazy, she
always talks about really random stuff, which is hard in Japanese
haha. Like this time she talked about tornados and dolphins and phone
the TV told her that we evolved from fish, but she said that it can't
be true haha. Last time it was about how her steroids she's taking are
making her fat haha. Japanese people aren't at all shy about talking
about being fat btw. They'll call you fat to your face and not think
anything about it haha. It's kind of sad actually because a lot of
sister missionaries here gain weight on their missions, and the
members usually tell them so haha.
Anyways so this lady is pretty crazy,min all meanings of the word. And
so I pray at the end of the visit with her, and I'm pretty I messed up my Japanese, I meant to say kenkou o
ukerareru youni tasukete, shukufuku shitte kudasai...which means
please help her and bless her so that she can receive health, but
instead I switched the word kenkou with kekkon, which mean marriage,
so I said please help and bless her to relieve marriage
hahahha...kinda awkward...
Anyways I don't have much time see ya!

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