Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mission Impossible! Japanese Style! 1/22 MTC

Heyyyy Familia! (or Kazoku around here)

So first some news: Payge Flake left! And Jessica, and all my other Thatcher friends, we see alot of missionaries come and go, being here for so long...haha But our new missionaries in our zone are awesome! A couple of them played volley ball in high school, so that's what I do in gym alot now, before it was super boring...couldn't ever get a set so there was no spiking. But with good people it's alot of fun! :D

Oh Robby has a good chance of being in my zone! And he'll probably get an Ipad! The new Japanese missionaries are getting Ipads to train with this week, so that's cool. Our sempai's our leaving the same week he's coming, he has a good chance of being in our group.

I did 35 pull ups yesterday! And broke my own personal record and the MTC record :D So that's cool. ALthough I have to do it again with the official people watching to get on the wall of fame

Sang our version of I'll go where you want me to go on Sunday, with one of the new missionaries. It was really great :D Oh and I got to teach the lesson in priesthood about using the BOM in our own and others coversions....That was supppppper great. I love teaching. It's my favorite, and it's soo cool to receive prompting about what to teach, or what to share :D I'm teaching again this sunday for our district meeting, actually...not that I think about it...I've taught a lesson, every Sunday except the first haha. Awesome. 

Elder Ballard came and spoke on Tuesday! Had lots of insights :D

I'm finally healthy, I eat from the gluten free room....which is waay better food than the rest. The other food is really yummy...but highly processed and has lots of preservatives, the gluten free room is home cooked meals :D
Oh and I'm sleeping well finally! I got myself some earplugs...didn't think that my comps snoring bothered me so much, but I've been sleeping great since I got them so I guess that was the problem!

Oh and I love getting Dear Elders! They're awesome, but for future notice..I don't leave till the 23rd of Feb. So stop putting the 19th on it because they always cross it out haha.

So funny story, one of the elders in our district found out the word for poop, unco and has been using it alot in his everyday SYL speech, so it's been floating around in my head last Friday when we were teaching about faith, which in Japanese is Shinko, I accidentally said switched them and said in order to obtain unco we need to....and then the investigator just busted up...haha I so that was a little awk. but we laughed about it and still had a great lesson :D

Spiritual thought of the day...It's really really cool how the spirit can inspire us and give us revelation in order to teach fake investigators...Like I pray about what they need to know, and then I write, and as I write I get Ideas of what I need to teach about, and it's really cool, and alot of times it's strait up revelation. But it's just really interesting at how the system here works so how the spirit testifies of truth everytime we learn or teach it, even if we already know the truth. For example on Monday the teachers switched our teaching schedule without telling us. So we prayed about and prepared a lesson, for one investigator an 80 year old Japanese dude named yuichi...and I usually start by looking at the teaching record for a while and thinking what they need, and my eyes kept being drawn back to the restoration...which we had already taught him, and he has a really strong grasp of. Like he's prayed to know if the first vision happened, and is reading and praying the BOM daily and stuff, he's getting baptized next Saturday actually, he's the best :D Anyways we prepared a lesson for what we thought was yuichi, and tried to teach to his needs, but then we found out we were teaching ozeki shimai, who needs to learn about the restoration still. Then we read over our lesson plan and it was totally 100% to her needs, it was what she needed to hear. So even though we didn't know who we were teaching, the spirit knew and honored our efforts at preparing. Isn't that cool!? I mean she's not even a real investigator! But the spirit still cares enough to give us that revelation! 

Ok  That's all I got time for! I'll end with another Japanese proverb or two. 
Which means: Those who try to succeed, succeed. Those who don't try, fail no matter what. Failure is the lack of people trying.
 Not as weird as the dog hitting the pole one...but here's another weird one
六十の天来 It is never too late to learn (lit. Learning to write kanji Characters at age sixty)

Anyways I love you all! MTC is great. The spirit is awesome, and Japanese is hard. That is all

-Elder Coleman

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