Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mission Impossible! Japanese Style! 1/8 MTC

Hello Everyone!

Sorry, for not writing an email last week! I spent the whole time fighting a ferocious computer that didn't want me to email pictures home...I gave up I think I'll just mail the Camera's memory card.
But I did send a package with lots of letters home and a couple things that I don't need! So hopefully that'll arrive soon.
So I'm still not sleeping to great...but I've found a solution to my sleeping in class problem! Every time I dose off I get down and do 25 push ups! I'm averaging about 75-100 a day :D Which is perfect because this week they reset all the gym records! I decided I want to set the pull up and maybe the push up record! :D I've been doing 25 pull ups a night usually, and If I up it up to 50 or 75 (not in a a day) then I bet I could probably set a record that will last a few months. I'm helping a guy in my district set the mile record too...He's a cross country runner for BYU hawaii, but he's super out of shape right now, because of the all you can eat buffet everyday...but he'll probably set a nice 4 min 20 or 4 30 record. The old record was 4 30 anyways so we were planning on breaking it. I might do the soccer juggle record too...who knows?!
Wow I guess I haven't  emailed home since Christmas..a whole lot has happened since then hopefully this isn't too long of an email :P
Christmas day elder Nelson and his wife came and spoke to us. I liked his wife's talk better than his though :P David Archuletta came and sang to us that week to, along with brother Elliot, the Tabernacle choir organ player, the did stuff together, and it was really cool. 
My comp took three years of Japanese in HS too, so we're able to SYL (speak your language) alot more than most people. It's pretty awesome. We've probably gone a few mornings never speaking English! I feel like that's the best way for me to learn, just speaking alot, and making up weird sentences haha.
The head church's head media guy came and spoke to us, and showed us some sneak previews of how is going to be set up, it's pretty awesome! And they're making another video for this Easter that's supposed to be better than "He Is The Gift" and "Because of Him" So that's exciting!
Our lessons are going really well! I love teaching with the spirit! It's the coolest thing to just be there with the spirit testifying of the things we say in our broken japanese! I've really realized that we can't teach people anything related to spiritual matters without the spirit, he is the teacher. I've gotten pretty good at recognizing promptings and speaking with the spirit, I even thought I got a taste of the gift of tongues in our last few lessons :D A few times when I wanted to testify of a certain principle, I would all of a sudden remember the words I needed, even though I couldn't remember them before. So that's pretty exciting! :D
Lots of people are here that I know! Payge got here last week! It was super nice seeing her again! Even though I can't hug her haha And Jessica Morthenthaller (hard last name to spell..) I also hosted someone I knew yesterday. That was cool. We were hosts for the incoming missionaries, and one of them recognized me from when we went hiking together, so I called being his host and got to talk to him for a while and show him around...I don't remember his name though.
Oh and I got a chance to practice energy work yesterday! It was really cool, because I felt like I was being guided by the spirit to know what I needed to do for him!  I've never used the spirit like that before! Alot of people are sick right now, stuffs going around...I'm sick too...haha We're not allowed to shake hands, or have any contact with each other haha. I also gave a blessing last night to the kid I did energy work on, since we were both sick, we had alot of time to talk, and I gave him some essential oils and talked about energy work and stuff and he asked me if I could try and work on him....He's got alot of emotional baggage that needed to be cleared..
Anyways, I'm doing great! MTC is fun, Japanese is awesome! If I could just get healthy and not be so dang tired this would be perfect! I'm singing I'll go where you want me to go in sacrament tomorrow, that's kinda cool. And I'm playing piano for sacrament, that's fun. 
Love you all! Thanks for the letters/emails! 
-Elder Coleman

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