Friday, August 28, 2015

6/21 Happy Fathers Day

Hello everyone! Happy Fathers Day! Go give Dad a hug!

So transfer calls were this week! Lots of exciting things happened!
I'm with an elder named Haustrider! I heard he's really cool, a hard
worker, and really good at break dancing...haha I'm excited we're
going to see a lot of miracles this transfer :D
Hardcastle is going to Matsumoto! That's where he wanted to go, it's
actually kind of a miracle, he had wanted to go to Matsumoto for a
while, but didn't tell Yamashita, but one of our investigators
MuriMura had been praying that he'd get sent there, and he did! Haha
what's more is that he's with his MTC companion again, and has 3 of
his original MTC district in his district and his trainer in his zone.
So that's good for him.
In other news Smith Choro went trainer, he's my dokie, he went trainer
transfer 4, which is pretty much unheard of in Japan unless you are
Japanese, or studied for years. So that's way cool!  He's the most
dendo fired missionary I know, and he's the only elder I REALLY want
to work with. So that's pretty crazy.
This week was awesome. Every week is awesome, I mean...I'm in Japan,
and I'm on a mission. It can't not be awesome haha.
Some highlights for this week were...
-We went paragliding again, I didn't get to go we had the or elders try.
-Had 2 Kokans (exchanges) both were a party
-I sang in church I'll go where you want me to go, Craig Petrie's
arrangement, I just wrote in the Japanese from the hymn book. I sang
it with the dendo shuning (ward mission leader) who happens to have
been in a college accapella group, so he's super good.
-Hard castle said bye to everyone, tears were shed
-We had the funniest law of chastity lesson, in the history of law of
chastity lessons, with my friend Murimura.
-My bike tire popped. That sucked.
-I got really sick...most of the week, that really sucked.
-We finally had a sports activity! Yea! I've been wanting one since I
got here, and it finally happened! Now the ward wants them at least
once a month, and wants all our ideas for activities too :D 28 people
showed up, mostly members, but eikiwa students and investigators too.
-I started learning Japanese sign language from a lady in the ward, I
keep running into deaf people and all I know is what Aaron Blake
taught me, which is just like...nice meet you, my name is elder
Coleman. But every time I do just that they get way excited that I
know a bit, so now I want to learn more.

Yup been a fun week. Gotta plans for the upcoming transfer, I'm excited :D

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