Friday, August 28, 2015

7/13 Miracles despite the rain :D

Hey! Elder Bryce Coleman


This week has been crazy! I feel like I say that every week, but like
for real, God is awesome :D
So I don't have much, but there's so much to tell so I'll probably
just do a list.
This week it rained almost everyday. It ruined our dendo. People
wouldn't talk to us on the street, which is our main source of finding
investigators, the investigators we found last week on the streets
didn't show up tot their appointments because of the rain, it was
beginning to look like our streak of success had run out. But! Rain
doesn't stop God's work from going forth! And we still saw a TON of
-We accomplished nearly all the standards of excellence, 15
investigator lessons, a member present lesson everyday, a referral,
etc. it didn't look like we were going to have any stats this week,
but the last few days God just pulled through miracles so that we
could accomplish e goals we had made in faith.
-The rain stopped Saturday so that we could have our lesson with kato.
Our paragliding grandpa, but there was no wind, so while we waited we
taught the whole first lesson, then taught him prayer, and told him we
could pray so that God would send wind, and guess what... We prayed!
And guess what, there was wind! The wind was so strong when Hastriter
tried it, it picked him up off the ground 3-4 feet!
-Since it rained so much this week, and streeting wasn't working, we
tried to house at every opportunity. BUT something I have now realized
that housing In the day, in Japan is a dangerous thing! Sometimes,
people don't have close on when the answer the door! Three people In
particular left fairly scarring images....yah. Watch out kids. It's
been really really hot and humid, so people just shred their clothes
during the day, and sometimes don't have time to put them on again
when we knock I guess..haha
-We met with the Suzuki fufu, something we had been praying for, total
miracle, we taught all of the restoration message and they are excited
to pray!
-We met, taught, and committed to baptism a cool grandpa yesterday. We
now have three yakuzokusha's! We're actually he only elders who have
anyone with a baptismal date in the zone, I guess we actually are the
only ones really having much success in general actually...I don't
really know why, but they read us the average stats for the zone and
they were less than a third of our average for the past three weeks.
We sorted and threw away probably 20 trash bags full of garbage this
morning, it took 4 hours or so, no one who had lived in the apartment
before had known how to throw away/sort the trash, so it had really
piled up!
-ok here's the big one! So this week we had been praying for 3 things,
tachiai lessons, a referral, and a family. We really really wanted to
teach a family together. And we set out to find one Saturday night,
housing. But! Everyone kekkoed us (said no) and we were kinda sad, we
really felt like we would find a family! So we biked home, and on the
way home my seat broke off my bike, and I jumped off! I wasn't riding
with hands at the time so I just kinda hopped, and my biked kept
riding without me. For 30-40 yards! It went across the Main Street,
and turned left the finally fell over. It was crazy! We were in shock!
Then we thought that there must have been a screw that fell out that
made the seat fall over so we begun looking for the screw. Then a
family crossed the street and asked if we were ok, and what had
happened. They saw it form their car! Anyways they are super prepared,
they are looking for God's true church, their read the bible daily,
and pray and their daughter goes to a catholic school, and they lived
in Michigan and speak fluent English! Sooo prepared! God found our
family for us! We didn't get their number, but they want to meet, and
will hopefully call us or come to church, I feel like they will, God
wants them to be taught.
That's all I have time for right now, I love you all! This work is so amazing!

This morning's project!

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