Wednesday, August 26, 2015

3/8 Fresh


This week has been tons better than last week! And last week was good! Haha So last P-Day after I emailed I spent the whole day cleaning the apartment...It was pretty bad. I threw out three trash bags of old expired food from the pantry. I just focused on the kitchen and my closet the whole day. I finished the kitchen, get to do the closet again today haha. But! I found lots of cool stuff while I was cleaning! I now have a nice pair of ear warmer things that are nice to bike with, and some nice shoes, and gloves, and some ties...etc. 

So if you want to know where I am, or what it loots like, just google Toyama snow.  There`s some pretty sick pictures out there. Luckily both the big snow storms are past this year, so it won`t look like that anytime while I`m here.

Lots of prayers were answered this week. We found 4 new investigators! And I got to teach some real lessons! 17 to be exact :D It`s been great! I feel like we can get this area alive and have some good dendo fire with a bit of faith and effort. Our mission goal is one companionship, one month one baptism. And I feel like no one really pays attention to it, or thinks it as a realistic goal (Most missionaries here never see a baptism). Maybe it`s because I`m fresh out of the MTC and don`t really know the "real world" yet but I think we can do it :D Just gotta get my comp on board now, he`s getting kinda itchy for home and not super motivated sometimes. 

So other stuff about this week, On Tueday a memeber drove us up the mountain, we rode the ski lift to the top and read the book of Mormon together! That was pretty cool! You could see all the way to the ocean from the top. We went sledding a bit too. I feel like it should have been a P-Day activity probably, next time I`ll ask more questions during planning haha.

I`ve started my long awaited quest to learn to cook! SO now when I come how I won`t have to mooch off girls all the time! (not saying I won`t...just it won`t be necessary for survival). I committed my comp to teach me a new recipe every P-day haha last week we made katsu Don, Pretty much just bedded fried pork. It was delicious though. I started making a mini recipe book of things I should know how to make too.

I went on splits two times last week with the Brazilian Elder, that was fun. For the first three hours of the first split, I thought he didn`t speak English so I just spoke with him in Japanese haha Then I found out he spoke English I while later when I didn`t understand a word he used haha so that was fun. He`s a cool guy, he`s been out 6 months now, and he still hasn`t taught a lesson in Japanese haha. He has taught in Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, and Italian though haha. That`s what happens when you know Portuguese, other languages come easy, since they`re all pretty similar.I learned the correct pronunciation from him, so when I do start studying Portuguese I won`t say everything wrong.

One of the times I went on splits I got to hang out with Elder Smith, he was in my district at the MTC, he`s awesome. Although he`s not doing so awesome right now...he`s been sick since he got here, and he got hit by a car haha so that`s fun...He`s fine now though, so it`s all good. I got alot of language study tips from watching the other Elders at their apartment, my comp doesn`t really do language study much, he just reads the BOM in Japanese. Actually we`ve only done language study 3 times in the past two weeks haha...which kinda stinks, we always set time for it, but other things end up taking it`s place. I made a pretty awesome Language Study Plan though, and I`m learning alot every day, so I`ll survive even if I don`t get the hour we`re supposed to have. 

I gave a talk in church yesterday! It was really good! I`m really working hard to get the wards trust, and support, and get them more dendo oriented (dendo means missionary by the way...sometimes I forget it`s not english...sorry). And I think I made alot of progress :D

So I`ve gotten to play off my strengths alot more here than I expected. People like talking to tall blong kids, which is cool. We have a soccer game next Saturday, which will be awesome. Maybe I can do my dream of betting a Brazilian that if I can beat him in soccer he has to take the lessons haha. I always wanted to go to Brazil or any soccer playing country and do that for my mission haha. We also have a talent show in 2 weeks that they asked me to do something at, so I think I`ll beat box for that. And one of our investigators wants to do a song with me in church! 

Anyways hope you all have a great week! I might send another couple emails with pictures if I have time! Maybe I`ll make a drop box or something...since we`re only able to send two per email....

Thank for for your prayers! They help SOOO much!

Love Elder Coleman

picture one, all the trash I threw out on Monday

two: Nato. Fermented soy beans. Yum!

​ That is a buddist temple, and a Japanese toilet! We went to the temple with a lady I met at Eikiwa while I was on transfers with the brazilian elder. She wanted me to visit her, it was cool. I gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet and she seemed excited to read it. We went inside the temple and she told us all about the pictures and ceremonies and stuff, it has alot of similarities to Judaism and to our own religion, I might write about it later

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