Friday, August 28, 2015

6/28 Transfer 4

Hello this is elder Coleman's companion writing. My name is elder
Hastriter. Just wanted to praise your son for being super awesome. He
has such a great spirit about him and is really good at Japanese for
only being here for a few months in Japan.

Elder Bryce Coleman


Hello! Ohio gozaimasu!
This week has been Insane! Mostly, because I just don't know how to
get around Toyota still...we got lost, pretty much everyday haha.
Oops. My companion probably hates me haha. But it's way fun anyways.
Guess what? I have been out over 6 months now! Woo hoo! Seems pretty
crazy, I feel like I just got to Japan yesterday.
So this week we set a record for investigators found. We found 9! Just
from talking to people on the street as we went to appointments. One
of them is a breakdancer. His name is June, Haustrider is pretty pro
at breakdancing, so they breakdance while I beatbox, and then we do a
Lesson afterwards haha. Adventure dendo!
We also had our ward conference this last Sunday. The ward mission
goal was to have 120 people there, and we had 121! Got it!
Hastriter likes to sing and can hold his own on the melody if I
harmonize, so we've been sining to people a lot, less actives, at
member visits. It's going to be a fun transfer.

So only time for one story. So Friday I totally had a random prompting
to bring my planner to the church when we worked out in the morning,
but I ignored it...because....there's not need for a planner, so I
thought that was silly. And anyways, God pretty much had prepared a
way for us to go in a car with a member to visit a bunch of less
actives, and tachiai for our lesson. But instead we ended up having to
bike that day, and it rained, and we got lost, and ended up somehow in
Nagoya, and missed our lesson. So....heed the small promptings! No
matter how weird they are!

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