Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mission Impossible! Japanese Style! 1/15 MTC

So this weeks been pretty exciting! Lots of fun stuff happening over here :D
Yesterday we got kohai! New missionaries that are in our zone :D Apparently we're part of some pilot program...that's what I hear..But anyways we got 10 new shimi (sisters) and 6 new choro! (elders) in two different districts! They're pretty cool, we have a whole 6 weeks to hang out with them, so we'll probably get pretty close. Oh also, I'm actually running out of cards here...can you send me another batch of 30 or so? That'd be cool. My business/write me cards, you know the ones haha

So teaching in Japanese is going really great still! I'm getting pretty efficient at planning with the spirit/using gift of discernment to know investigators needs, so we can plan to teach to them before they tell us them. It's pretty fantastic. We committed both our investigators to baptism :D
Oh and at TRC this week we taught a ningonjin (Japanese peeps) from Sendai who got converted by the missionaries! And she recognized my name! I told her dad had served a mission there and she got excited and wanted to see a picture haha So I showed her the old family Christmas card I have in my bag from before Brenden's mish, she wasn't sure if it was you though. Her name was Emy, she didn't speak any English, and we taught her about prayers from your kokoro (heart) that you can give through out the day to ask/plead for help.

So I'm some words I think in are English even though they're japanese..just because I use them alot...and I accidentally type I'm just going to go back through at the end and translate them in parenthesis. Also I think I start every paragraph with so or weird?!

-I finally got to go to the temple! It's been closed for winter break forever!
-I didn't break all the records! I might still do the pull up and push up one..but the new soccer juggle record is 1103...and I can't even count that high...let along juggle that long. The pull up record is only 33 I can beat that now if they let me fish a little...if not...then maybe not.

-Elder Nelson came again this week! Again...I liked his wife's talk better than his...haha she's just a really good speaker! And he is too! Just..not as good as his wife haha. So spiritual insight of the day: Sister Nelson talked about the key to success on your mission being desperation. And how when you're desperate for something you don't let anything get in the way of obtaining that goal, you find time, excuses go away etc. And then I thought alot about being humble and having righteous desires and all that other stuff, and wrote a bunch in my church journal. Oh yah! I made an awesome church binder thing this week! I'm now super organized! The front part has my goals and my language study plan, then there's my japanese notes, and then my notes from church and devos/any other spiritual insight I get, then there's my investigators section with their teaching records and old lesson plans, then my talks in japanese ( I write one a week) and scriptures I've translated and want to memorize, then a misc. section with quotes and letters to people and stuff. It's awesome! I poured some essential oils on the leather cover so it smells good and helps me stay awake/think. Maybe I'll include a picture. I'm really proud of it if you couldn't tell :D It also has my to do list on a sticky note taped down, and the scripture I'm trying to memorize on sticky notes (right now it's the first vision). It's working really well :D I've planned out like..every second of my week :D

-Another insight I had this week, since I have another 6 min on email...We have an awesome choir director and I get alot of insights from singing with him. Anyways he was talking about peter walking on water, and then seeing the storm come and having fear and falling under the water...and how jesus reached down below the water to bring him up...Then he talked about no matter how far down we've sunk....jesus can always reach down and bring us up, as long as we call to him, and reach back. He's the one who's "Descended below all things" That got me thinking about judging people, and how most of the best missionaries and converts are always the people you wouldn't expect to see in a church. Alma the younger, paul, etc Because they really needed the atonement and used it and felt it's power save them from the "gall of bitterness" and even hell. They know how bad it can be without the gospel. When people are already living a righteous life, they don't see a reason to accept the gospel, they don't feel much of a change when they are asked to keep commitments, because they are already living right. It's the people with tatoos, a hard past, that a really ready for the gospel, and really need it in their lives. Those are the people I'm looking for. I want to go teach in a prison! That'd be sick! Never judge matter what your judgment it. It's wrong. If you think they're mean and scary and would never accept the gospel. You're wrong, if you think you know them you're wrong. But Heavenly father knows them, and loves you can learn what they need to hear.

Anyways...My times up...dang it, didn't put any pics bad...I'll send you the memory card next week so you can see all of them :P

Oh and Japanese proverb of the day! 犬も歩けば棒汁 or in romaji inu mo arukeba bou ni ataru aka sun rises on the evil and on the good; even experts make mistakes (literally...if a dog walks, it will hit a pole). 

Love you all! Aishtemasu!

-Elder Coleman!

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