Friday, August 28, 2015

5/17 Last week as a Bean!

What up peeps?!
Guess what?! I'm not a bean-chan anymore! Sad day!
This week was pretty good, lots of fun stuff happened, and some not so
fun stuff...haha
1st off we won the push up competition in he zone! As a companionship
we did 12,822 push ups or sit ups in two weeks. We won by 6000 haha We
tried to average a thousand a day, which breaks on Sunday's. Did a
pretty good on that.
-Our recent convert Takahashi has made lots of friends with the ward!
Everyone is inviting him over for parties and family home evenings!
That was way good. Of course we were invited we had lots of
members feeding us his week :D
-We went to Okazaki castle last Monday as a district activity! While
we were there one of the workers taught me how to fold an origami
samurai hat. Which I've made a couple times this week out of sticky
notes and gave to kids.
-I did lots of shimai dendo (sister missionary) this week! I made
almost 50 Oreo cheese cake balls, and gave them to investigators that
had kids! They 're suuuuuper good.
-We got to do a service project at an old folks home! We went and sang
old Japanese folks songs to them, and just talked and became their
friends. That used to be my favorite service project back in college
so I was way excited to go :D
-There was a typhoon on Tuesday! We were supposed to practice a song
with the ward mission leader and then go dendo with him...but he
called and said it was to dangerous to drive in the storm, so he
cancelled on us haha. So...instead we biked out and went housing in
the storm! And we're blessed by our efforts! The very first house we
knocked became an investigator!
-So the real big news was the results of transfer calls! We were both
hoping/praying that Hardcastle would transfer, we don't always get
along so great...and he's been here 7 and a half months already and
really wants a change of scenery. And just kinda doesn't like Toyota
in general..but God laughed at our prayers and made him stay! So he's
on transfer 6 in his bean area now! He also became our district
leader. It won't be so bad. This transfer is only 5 weeks instead of
6, and I'll get to go on exchanges with the district once a week which
will be really fun. And now I have another 5 weeks to learn the area
so I hopefully won't be completely lost when it's done. And for the
past two or three weeks our lessons have been pretty awesome, so
hopefully we've figured out how to work with each other, hopefully we
can keep it going.  It is kinda funny though..he already said bye to
all our investigators, and wrote them meishis. Everyone expected him
to leave, me and the ward mission leader had prepared to sing I'll go
where you want me to go, We had invited people to church to hear him
speak, bishop didn't have any speakers lined up expecting the
missionaries to give farewell talks, we even had a party with tons of
ice cream on the day of transfer calls. We took a video of him getting
the phone call, it's pretty great, his face drops so quick, he was
depressed all day Saturday. All 4 of the Toyota missionaries stayed.

Anyways, that's about all the big stuff, have a great week everyone!

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