Friday, August 28, 2015

4/19 Toyota's a Party

Hello everyone! Hope everythings going good! This week was fun, it was my worst week I`ve had as far as stats go, but it was still a good week I think. Did alot of biking in the rain, apparently everyone knows the worse the weather is that you dendo in, the hotter your wife gets. That`s what I`ve been told at least, and that`s how Hardcastle motivates himself to keep dendoing haha.
This area has alot of potential to it. We checked out the sports college last night, I really want to get some sports activities going, we have 12 YSA in the ward (most are less active) a sports college, and a but load of Brazilians. To me that just screams soccer dendo. But apparently it`s been years since they`ve had missionary activities haha.
It was actually really fun housing the college yesterday. I love college dendo. It`s always super interesting and fun. My trainer hates it though haha. Last night I crashed a baseball party. It was super fun, there was probably 15-20 guys all hanging out in and around an apartment, and I just walked in and dendo`d all of them haha. It was hilarious, they were trying to convince me that they were Austailian. I got them all to say they`d come to Eikiwa on Wednesday, I highly doubt they will, but who knows, maybe we`ll have a whole baseball team there. My trainer really doesn`t like doing anything that could be considered rude.. that`s why he doesn`t like me doing stuff like that, he won`t let me call people at night, or dendo later than 8 either, which is kinda obnoxious....since all the college kids parties start after 8. But It`s all good. Hopefully next week we`ll see some more miracles.

Have a good week everyone!

Jikoshokai! It means a `meal meeting` this ward has it once a month :D
We found these guys driving around by toyota`s headquarters. They`re electric cars :D

​My fearless leader!

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