Friday, August 28, 2015

5/4 Golden Week Insanity

Hello Everyone! Hope your week has been fantastic! It`s still a party up in Toyota this week. It`s golden week this week where there`s a couple different hollidays in one week, so everyone just gets the whole week off. It`s been pretty crazy haha A bunch of crazy stuff has happened this week! Both good and bad! We`ve had some of the best miracles of the transfer this week, and some of the biggest dissapointments.
So to start of the week we had 4 investigators drop us, one a day sunday through Wednesday, that kinda stunk, expecially Fujicawa. She had just came to church, she loved it, her kid loved it, she had an awesome experience with prayer where she was littlerally healed after praying with us...and then out of the blue she texts us and says she doesn`t want to meet. Crazy. We also had an investigator litterally dissapear. Like he doesn`t exzist somehow, we wen`t to his house to visit him, and there was this other guy living in his house...and we asked him a bunch of questions like...where our investigator mizuno was, if he lived there, is mizuno moved recently...etc and he answered everything with naidesu, which is pretty much just no.Then when we pointed out that mizuno`s name tag was still on his door, the guy tried to scratch off the metal name plate off the door! And said he doesn`t know why it`s there! So somethings up with that...we`ll try by again and see if it`s still the crazy guy living there, or if Mizuno came home and kicked him out or something haha.
This week I ate mexican food twice! We went to a mexican restaurant and had tacos...3 tacos for 10 little dollar size tacos from taco bell haha what a rip off. It was nice though, it`s been ages since I`ve had Mexican food. We also found some totillas in a Brazilian import store so I made tacos on Sunday! I made them Grandma Paxman style and fried the tortillas! We taught one of our investigators about keeping the sabath day holy at church and told him it was better to not shop, but he was already fasting that Sunday, and he didn`t have any food at we ate tacos with him! Haha That is Takahashi junpei, he`s awesome, if this week goes as planned, he`ll be baptized on Sunday :D I`m super excited for him. They found him at a pizza place a week before I got to Toyota.

Other awesome stuff:
We crashed a 14 year old kids birthday party and challenged all of them to a basketball game. It was super fun! It was 4 missionaries vrs 13 or 14 13 year olds haha. We played on a super getto dirt court. We didn`t do any dendo, but we gave them all cards with our number and told them to call if they want to play again.
We taught an awesome Tithing Lesson (Both of our first times) With a fun object lesson. We bought $20 worth of candy for it. Gave him 10 candy bars, asked for one back, and then dumbped bags of candy on him haha :D
We met with Yamashita Kaicho, and shimai (mission president) and did a mogi with them, and some training. That was way fun.
Lots of cool miracles this week. It`s golden week in Japan right now, where everyone has work off and goes to party. So it`s been super fun just crashing parties haha.
Anyways I love youu all! Thank you for your prayers!

Lets pay tithing!

The mystery Door. Mizuno. He had a really nice family too!

​Mmmhmm tacos. Only had chicken, beef cheese and onions to put in them though.

Look at that! It`s an abomination! We`re friends with the owner though, since his shop is super close to our appartment, so we figured we`d better go try it out. `special tacos` $14 to just add cheese! he does make everything from scratch though, gotta respect that.

​Super fun member lesson! These guys are hilarious!

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