Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mission Impossible Japanese Style! 2/19 MTC

Hey everyone :) 
I don't have much time to email today, so it'll probably be really short...
but Guess what? I'm going to Japan!!!!!!!!!! Heck to the yes! About time! MAN I'm so stoked. Like I said before, I really love the MTC, it's my jam, I'm soaking it up..but to be in Japan...I'm so excited to show off my awful Japanese, and be totally confused, and not know what's going on. I'm gonna love it :D Since we had an extra week, this week I've focused mostly on language study. I've learned the basics of every grammar principle on our grammar card. (98 of em!) and I've been trying to increase my vocabulary, which hasn't gone as well as the grammar...But I figure once I get over there I'll pick up words pretty quickly and be able to plug them into all the sentence structures I've been working on :D We'll see how it goes next week.

I got accepted to BYU Hawaii! Heck yah! So that's where I'm going after the mish. I'll get 50% off for going to the pacific, and I will be half way to Asia, and I can get a job at the PCC as an interpreter, and they have an awesome intercultural communications program, and I met a girl went there that go into humanitarian work!. Which is what I want to do! She said BYU Hawaii is awesome for meeting people that can help you get in to projects. She's already set up a charity to clean water somewhere in Central America, she was pretty cool. She's actually going to Tempe Az Spanish speaking so some of you might see her around.

So our flight is 14 hours! haha I made a schedule, and bugeted all my time for the whole time haha. We have to wake up at 2:30 to get over there, but we're not flying out till 8:30, which kinda stinks. But we're going straight to Tokyo! Which is cool :D Then catching another flight to Nagoya! :D 

In other news I taught district meeting, priesthood lesson (which is really weird....Me and my comp are the only ones who have ever taught priesthood...usually it's the branch presidency), played piano, and gave a talk in Sacrament. So it was kinda fun, did like everything. And it was on the Atonement! So I got to share a bunch of insight I've gotten through out the MTC :D

That's all I've got time for. Thanks for the prayers! :) Mission are awesome!

-Elder Coleman

Oh and could you all do me a favor? Go buy "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" You can get it from the Church for like..$5 Read it, and apply it and go convert everyone! I left an extra one at  home for you family, so read it. It's the best. Seriously.

I didn't get to send these pictures in my last two emails...There's my diagram of the Beef cycle from two weeks ago, and there's all the Portuguese books I've found wandering around :D Except the grammar card and the hymn book, those I bought.

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