Friday, August 28, 2015

6/7 Food coma めちゃ太た


How's everyone doing?
This week's been great! Toyota is slowly but surely turning into a
land of miracles :D we only have two more weeks of the transfer but
we've got a lot of fun things planned.
So this week everyone in Japan invited us to eat. I ate at 3 different
buffets this week, I've been going from one food coma barely
recovering, and then getting the next haha. The one on Monday,
yakiniku king, cost around $30 and you just order any meat you want
and grill it on the mini grill on the table. Just from that meal
alone...I gained three pounds haha. I'm pretty dang fat...but it's ok
I love being fat, it's something I've always wanted to try in life

So besides being fat...we've made a lot of good progress. The ward
loves us, we're finding people again, it looks like we're going to
have fun activities soon, life's looking pretty good. I keep finding
people from Nepal as investigators which is kinda difficult. Because
they don't speak Japanese or English, and we don't even know if they
make a Book of Mormon in their language... So they'll be fun to teach.
But hey at least we're finding friends! Haha

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