Friday, August 28, 2015

7/26 Wow. Cool stuff :D

Helloooo America! Or wherever this email happens to find you.
So, life's been pretty good recently. Well it's been pretty great
spiritually, and good for the work, but physically I'm dying haha. I
think we haven't eaten both lunch and dinner in the same day in over a
month haha. We're just too busy, it's so good :D we found 12 new
investigators this week, almost half of them were people that our new
investigators from last week invited to our lessons. Their families or
friends. It's a pretty cool compliment, they thought our message was
specially enough that they wanted their family and friends to hear it

So I don't really have time to email today unfortunately..but lots of
cool things happened I promise! Haha we did lots of music dendo this
week, we rapped to a random kid on the street then made up a song in
Japanese for him, then when we went to leave Haustriter tried to give
him a handshake but the kid thought he was going for hug, and it was
the most gloriously awkward hug ever haha. We rapped and beatboxed and
breakdancer probably everyday this week haha.

We also had a huge firework show last night, we threw a party on our
roof. It was awesome. Erik and his whole Brazilian family came and our
awesome investigator Sawada came. He's so funny. After the show ended
they made Hastriter dance, and in tern he made everyone else try and
dance haha. Sawada even did a summer sault and then wanted to try a
hand stand, but we stopped him (he's almost 70 years old haha)

We also had a lot of fun run ins with drunk people this week. Gotta
love drunk people :)

Anyways I love you all, thank you for your prayers, they help so much.
Keep on dendoing!

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