Wednesday, August 26, 2015

3/22 Hey!

So really, there`s waaaay to much that happened this week for me to write...especially now that I only have 15 min left haha

So we had a mission conference this week about getting IPads! So that`s exciting! It also kinda stunk because we had to waste three days with traveling...a day to go there, a day for the conference, and a day coming we didn`t get to do as much actually missionary work as I would have liked. 

I also had a kokan in takayama on tuesday, which was really cool! Except it was a 5 hour train ride to get there, and another 5 hours to get again lots of wasted travel time...

But! Lots of other good stuff happened in the bit of time we did have to dendo, so it`s ok!

So some quick news...only have 15 min. So probably won`t include too many stories.

-Mahikari is scary...they`re a cult that thinks their hands are Gods the center of their religion thing is right next to the elders apartment in Takayama...they can perform miracles, which is cool...but it`s not in Christ who`s power their using?
-I met some yakuza in Nagoya! That`s the Japanese Mafia. So that was cool. 
-I should be getting an Ipad next month! They already have them, they just haven`t passed them out yet. Once we get them we`ll have everything digitilized. I`ll have to put all the records on the ipad, which will take forever...we`ll also eventually get FB and I will be able to read emails whenever I want, I just won`t be able to respond to them until Monday still. So that`ll be nice. 
-We had the Talent show on Satuday! It was the craziest talent show of my life! It was such a fail...Takoaka Elders put it on, and pretty much no one showed up, everyone in their ward is old, so no one showed up to do a talent except for people from our ward, so the missionaries had to come up with a bunch of acts last minute, I did 3 of them...and I MCed haha so that was fun. Yasui shimai from our ward dressed up as elsa with a really strange home made costume made from a table cloth and trash bags...then after she sand she played a super random japanese line dance, and made everyone dance with her. Which was actually super random and super fun. For my talent I had people give me words, in English or Japanese, then I`d turn the word into a beat. It was a crows killer. They`d never heard of beatboxing before so everyone was pretty amazed haha. Then I turned to a random song in the church primary book and made another elder rap it. Haha He actually did a really good job. I forgot my camera, but my companion might have recorded some of it, maybe I`ll put it on next week.
-Next Sunday our mission president is coming to our ward. And it`s my birthday, so we`re trying to get everyone to church to meet him, and using my birthday as leverage haha
-And one last thing, we found and taught an awesomely prepared lady on monday! She teaches an art school, so she gave us an lesson on abstract art...haha it was super random. Then we taught her and one of her students the plan of salvation. It was super great, best lesson I`ve had so far. We asked her to pray about if it was true at the end of the lesson, and she was just kinda like, `I already know it`s true` she`s a pretty special lady, she can see a bit beyond the veil I think. Unfortunately she`s moving to tokyo in two weeks, and is gone all this we won`t be able to teach her again. We`re helping her pack/move on saturday though, and she promised to come to the first 45 minutes of church this sunday before she leaves. She also wanted 5 more plan of salvation pamphlets, because she has more art students who want to know about it haha. So Tokyo will get a nice referral of her and all her students (They`re moving with her)

Anyways, that`s all I`ve got time for. Thank you for the prayers! Miracles are happening in Japan! 
Love you!
-Coleman Choro

This is Toyama Castle, in the city part of our area. It`s a pretty small castle`

​So those hole in the ground toilets aren`t the only kind they have in Japan...They either have those...which you have to buy your own toilet paper for...and they stink...or they have these babies. It opens up when you walk in, some of them talk to you and are voice operated....they usually have seat warmers...and they can do a variety of spray water at different  angles at you...kinda weird.

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