Friday, August 28, 2015

7/19 The miracles never cease!

Hello! Konnichiwa! Ohio Gozaimasu! Life is good, God is Good Dendo is
great! Man! Have seen some cool miracles together! I don't even know
how it's happening, or even why it's happening. I'm NOT that good of a
missionary, but good stuff just keeps happening!
So this week I really am appreciative of the power of music, and
especially the hymns. They have made such a difference in my dendo, in
our member work, less active work, investigator lessons, it brings the
spirit so fast it is incredible.
D&C 25:12 A song of the righteous is a prayer unto the Lord." Elder
Bryce Coleman


We've had other similar experiences like this with investigators as
well. This Sunday we had 6 investigators come to church, and two of
them came because we said we would sing for them before church
started. It is the easiest way to teach people what the spirit feels
like, and what it will feel like when they receive an answer from God.
The ward has now asked us to sing a hymn before sacrament starts every
week to bring the spirit into the meeting.

One other cool experience we had this week, was on my exchange with
the other elders in Toyota. They aren't doing so good, they only have
3 investigators and are losing hope... Me and Lehman had a long talk
about obedience and faith and how that relates to how much God can
help us in our work, then we prayed to find a prepared person. We only
had an hour left of the day to dendo, and we went to a less active
lady, tanaka shimai, that I had been working with for a while. She was
actually busy and said she couldn't talk at first but she had a friend
over, so we just talked to him. His name is Fujisawa. I came in and
started talking to him, and I could feel the spirit working on him,
and see in his eyes that he needed what we had. He looked at me for a
little while and then said I was glowing, he said I looked like Super
Saiyan in Dragon ball Z, then he looked at Leehaman and told him he
would eventually become like that. He now has a baptismal date for the
9th of August, I'm kinda sad that I don't get to teach him, but I'm
way happy that the other elders have someone preparing for baptism. We
made a companionship goal to baptize 6 times together, so that I could
fulfill the mission goal of one month one baptism. I wasn't in control
of my circumstances much before but now I feel like God is preparing a
way for us to build up his kingdom.

Some other miracles.
-Hirai has magically been able to stop smoking, drinking, and
everything else needed for baptism. He's the coolest!
-We had a lesson with Mori-mura on Wednesday, which isn't the usually
day for his lesson, and while walking here we ran into Bruno! Who just
so happens to be the kid we brought to his lesson last week! The
lesson was beautiful. We tried to commit him to baptism, and then
found out what his real problems were. His family has been Buddhist
for generations apron generations...and he feels like he can't betray
that trust. But besides that large problem, he said if it wasn't for
that he could keep all the commandment, change his day off to Sunday,
and be baptized. I have no idea how to help him though, just gotta
pray for a miracle. Bruno helped a ton in the lesson, it was such a
miracle he was there.
-We got a little discouraged on Wednesday actually, because we still
hadn't found anyone new yet that week, so we decided to stop and pray
to be able to directed to find someone, then we took a path under the
railway and met a cool guy in a scooter/wheel chair named funehashi.
We set an appointment to meet him this last Sunday. We went over
yesterday and had an amazing time just getting to know him, and
helping him feel loved. We sang for him and then he said he'd come to
church this week. We also complimented him on his hair, and he said he
had it so long because he can't afford a haircut. So we told him we
could have a member give him a free haircut if he'd like. So he's
going to get a haircut, from brother Takami (who's actually less
active, but he's a barber and he's cool) on Wednesday. He can't use
most of his left side of his body, so it's hard for him to walk/get
around. He's an armature painter and has some pretty awesome
-We had 7 lessons on Saturday, it was by far the most I've ever taught
in a day. People called us during the day and asked us for
appointments, we found 3 new investigators. It was awesome. It looked
like we weren't going to be able to accomplish our goals, but we
actually ended up exceeding them!
-We had interviews with the mission president and the zone
leaders/Ap's on Wednesday. It was fun receiving training from them,
they pretty much just told us to keep doing what we're doing. In
Hastriter's interview he requested that I could stay one more transfer
with him, and Ishi kaicho said he's consider it. If I can stay another
transfer, we can baptize 6 times. I don't know how, but it will

That's about all the time I've got. The past few weeks have been
amazing, and soooo busy. I love being busy. Keep up the faith and
please pray for the missionaries! Prayer is the best use of your time,
all the time.

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