Friday, August 28, 2015

7/5 Obedience + faith= Miracles!

Hello all! How are you?!
This week has gone by so fast and has had so many cool miracles I. It,
I can't remember half of them haha. And since I only have 10 minutes
to email, I'll only write half of the half that I do remember haha

So first off, I'm in love with my companion my Hastriter. He's just a
straight up good missionary! It's his first transfer as Senpai and
he's still pretty young, but we both just love missionary work and
work great together. This week has been magical. So my last companion
told me that the standards of excellence for our mission, were
physically impossible to get, and that this area is really bad for OYM
(steeting) BUT me and Hastriter. Have prob Ed both of those tho ha to
be wrong! God can do anything, in any area of the world! Even Buddhist
Japan! We have averaged finding two investigators everyday that it
hasn't rained, just from talking to people on the street on the way to
appointments. We had 15 investigator lessons this week! And three
people come to churn! And 5 people progressing towards baptism!
Everyday has been absolutely insane, and hundred percent guided by the
spirit. Like you don't even understand how incompetent of a missionary
I am haha, but Heavenly Father is making us into something great. Eve
just my struggles of finding investigators houses. Like yesterday
wanted to visit Kawai Keiko, a friend who stopped investigating 3 or 4
weeks ago, and I had no clue which room she was in this HUGE apartment
complex, but as I prayed to know where she was, and just started
walking, flash backs of random memories came to mind that led me to
where she was. And like just last Saturday (two days ago) we were
biking and I randomly had a thought that John's Market was really
close, even though I wasn't actually that close, but because I thought
of it, we decided to just to go there for fun, and met Takami Rae
there! Which was a miracle since we hadn't been able to meet with her
for two weeks and haven't been able to set an appointment. But! Now we
have an appointment and are back on track. Her baptismal date isn't
until September 13th.
So anyways we've just been doing everything we could to have the
constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, and it's made a world of
difference in every part of our dendo. Our lessons are better, our
companionship is happier, we are focused, our prayers are being
answered. Missions are a wonderful thing if you let them be :D

I like lists, then I don't have to tell the whole stories haha. Some
cool stuff that happened this week:
-We had a awesome spirit filled lesson with Fabricio, we brought Erick
with us, my favorite Brazillian :D He testified powerfully of his own
path to conversion. Fabricio is progressing well, just needs a bit
more faith and time and he'll be ready to be baptized
-Taught a fun 30/30 program to Jackie, Ericks sister, we taught her
English for 30 min, and gospel for 30 min. She doesn't know much about
the gospel, even though she's a member, so we're trying to help her
-Hirai became a yakuzokusha (person with a baptismal date) after some
seriously inspired teaching based off his and our questions. He will
be baptizedAugust 9th if all goes well.
-Taught almost the entire plan of salvation on the street to a kid
named Daiki in English. He doesn't believe in God, but after talking a
while he realized he would be much happier if he did believe In God,
and a life after death.
-Mori-mura, an eternal investigator who has never really progressed
has started progressing. He's keeping the word of wisdom this week and
praying everyday if he should change his shops day off to Sunday. He
also started reading the BOM on his own without us asking him too, and
he taught his friends in his shop the plan of Salvation, with my map
-We're teaching a less active lady's son, I love part member families
:D So now we'll be able to strengthen the mom, teramoto shimai, and
the son at the same time! (He's like 40 btw everyone in Japan just
stays with the their parents haha)
-We went to Ikai shimai's house, and played her accordion and sang
songs haha we've been sining to everyone we visit, I love being able
to harmonize again :D
-We had a lesson with a recently reactivated less active member,
Morita shimai, she wants us to teach her all the lessons over again,
since she doesn't know anything about the church, I don't know how she
was baptized... But it's good we get to help her :D
-Our recent convert Takahashi now has a date to get the Melchizedek
priesthood! We also got to teach him about family history and temple
work yesterday, that was way exciting, he's way excited to help his
-We spent to nights at the church, we brought the maps to the church
and the ward record. Haustrider can read kanji really well, so he
looks up where people live (less actives) and puts them on the map so
we can visit them, and I just spent the time calling people :D I love
phone dendo! We got two more families to come back to our Eikiwa
class, and had a way intense spirit filled conversation with a long
ago dropped investigator. I testified that God loves him, cares about
him, and can help him overcome all the problems of this life, through
the love and grace of the Atonement. It was an intense phone call, at
the end he wanted to meet with us, and set an appointment, but the
next day he texted and said not to visit, how sad.
-We had another breakdancing/beat boxing lesson this week, and at the
bunka center some of the Japanese teachers asked me to give a
presentation, so I beatboxed and had Hastriter breakdance (see video
below) it was pretty fun!

Oops, we spent a lot longer than the 10 minutes I planned on, haha
sorry if this is too long for you to read!

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